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So far I have been visiting this doctor 6 times during twin pregnancy. The doctor made a good impression on me with his personality and calm temperament. The doctor very professionally performs the ultrasound, but unfortunately does not make notes of visits and for this reason, I often have to remind him of our earlier findings. After all, it is a worthy specialist.
Mr. Adam helped me believe in myself and learned me how to fight my fears. Thanks to his therapy, I managed to deal with my alcoholic addiction and save my marriage. Two-year therapy worked wonders - my wife and children sometimes don't recognise me - I am a different person now. Thank you for helping me rebuild relationships with my closest.

Как да напишем мнение, което ще бъде публикувано?

Не забравяйте, че Вашето мнение:

  • не трябва да съдържа неприятни, некултурни фрази
  • трябва да е за един конкретен лекар или специалист
  • е подробно и богато на информация за посещението,
  • не се отнася до личния живот на даден лекар
  • описва само личния Ви опит, а не случаите на други хора.